Automotive Company Goods Inward Improvement Project

Automotive Company Goods Inward Improvement Project

Our original project idea
Initial data capture confirmed that 50% of incoming goods came from Turnspeed (TPE), 20% from Internal Manufacturing and 30% from others. Therefore, the focus was to map out the TPE route and the others route.
To review annual, spend and conduct an ABC analysis of others spend.

The reasons we selected this project:
• The Process of booking goods in is not robust.
• Goods are left for days and can also get lost.
• The problem is historical but now on a new site, the goods In process need to improve.
• Current Process slows down production with component access affecting Customer output

Our Objectives
With the VSM Team focussing on the Internal Manufacturing Process, the team focused their attention on the Turnspeed and Others route.

How we achieved our objectives
The team visited parts handling experts Anixster) to review their Goods Inwards process.
Anixister provide a Kanban/line side delivery service at zero cost which includes vendor scheduling, stock holding and daily deliveries direct to line side or bin location. In addition, Turnspeed have offered to provide a similar service which includes a daily delivery direct to line side

Skills we learnt
• Standard Operating Procedures
• Practical Problem Solver
• Process mapping including Value Adding, Non-Value Adding and Waste analysis


Pre-Improvement Data
Quality = 99%
Cost = £1,236,000 BOP Inventory Cost
Delivery = 4 hours


Post-Improvement Data
Quality = 100%
Cost = £336,000 – Saving £900,000 BOP Cost
Delivery = 0.1 hours

Sometimes some good old-fashioned paper flow charts are the best way of understanding the current process steps. They quickly and easily highlight bottlenecks, waste and areas for improvement.

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