Alstom Transport – Kit Systems Case Study

Alstom Transport service over 100 tube trains a day on London’s Northern Line, carrying nearly 1 million passengers daily. Today, they are helping to turn Crossrail’s tunnels into a fully operational railway, electrifying the Edinburgh to Glasgow rail line and are helping the UK’s Rail Supply Chain to get ready for HS2.

To fit in with their aim to invest, innovate and develop the world’s most sophisticated engineering and new rail technology, they wanted embed continuous improvement throughout the organisation, Lean Education And Development Limited (LEAD) have been commissioned to train employees in lean thinking and facilitate the company wide deployment of lean projects through the Golders Green and Morden sites.

“The team have not previously been involved in CI within the company so were looking forward to working on elements within the company that impacted their day to day work.”

Our Objectives:

  • To introduce a simpler system to allow the reduction in time to collect parts, thus aiming to reduce labour time and cost per work order.

The reasons we selected this project:

  • To reduce time when replacing Damper and ARB kits.

How we achieved our objectives:

The team identified during a time and motion study that they we spending a lot of time during work orders identifying and locating parts. Also, that some of the parts used maybe incorrect, located in the wrong area and also out of stock.

Using their existing external supplier, they designed and introduced a Kit System at a small cost (later outweighed by the savings) which involved a bag or box containing all parts required for replacing particular train parts and a guidance leaflet for the operator to show the contents and guidance on health & safety requirements.

Improvement Data:

After completing trials, the team identified that by introducing the Kit System to just 2 of its work order part replacements that they could save over 258 hours of labour and associated costs.

Continued Development:

Following their project they then spoke to their external supplier of parts who is to provide a Kanban/line side delivery service. They also had a list of at least 12 other work order part replacements the Kit System could be adapted on.

Lean Education and Development Limited worked with two groups of engineers from different sites on this project. The idea to introduce an effective and efficient Kit System was really powerful and the fact that it can be rolled out to different areas simply makes the cost savings greater than those predicted.

The team explained they had now gained the confidence to make changes. They were far more aware of their surroundings when it comes to looking for true waste and there was definitely an improvement in their moral.

The team appreciated the time invested in them and felt very empowered to make changes in the future. They very much enjoyed the experience.

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