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Original Project Ideas:

Reduce the number of calls taken in inpatient pharmacy relating to prescription progress had been identified as taking up a significant amount of staff time. To quantify this we used some learning techniques.

Our Objectives:

To reduce the number of calls relating to prescription status by 50%

The reasons we selected this project:

  • No tracker access on ward
  • Untrained ward staff
  • Poor compliance from pharmacy staff
  • Repeat calls for same prescription
  • No user guides for tracker available
  • No awareness of benefit of compliance

How we achieved our objectives:

  • Pilot ward = J97
  • No. of calls prior to pilot: 13
  • No. of calls after pilot: 0.
  • Create access to tracker at ward level, train staff, engage with ward tech, compliance poster, awareness poster user guide for ward staff.

Skills learnt:

  • Practical Problem solver
  • Set-up Reduction
  • Data analysis
  • Visual management
  • Waste elimination and Cause effect diagrams


No standards on place on any wards.


PTS implemented on all wards

Allow nursing and ward based pharmacy staff to deliver more face to face patient care

• Release time in dispensaries to concentrate on processing work

• Improved audit trail of medication journey from Pharmacy to ward.


  • 305 calls over 14 days = 153 calls per week
  • 36 working days per year
  • £2403 per year based on average band 3 wage
  • Potential saving of £12,000 per year across all Trust dispensaries
  • Even greater potential cost savings across the wards

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