Transactional LEAN Case Study

In our experience some of the biggest opportunities for improvement and some of the most powerful results of Lean implementation have come from service and transactional processes.

Continuous Improvement implemented in a transactional environment can make big difference to overall company efficiency. Approximately 70% of the cost of a business is outside of the manufacturing floor, yet these processes are often ignored in process improvement.

We worked with RosRoca to help improve their office environment. This is what we did.

The reasons we selected this project:

  • The IT office was in need of improvement in the following areas
  • IT equipment mixed up
  • No designated storage area for new IT equipment
  • No designated area for redundant IT equipment
  • No IT preparation area for new equipment

Our Objectives:

  • To have ownership of ordering of stock.
  • To have a central holding area
  • To reduce the Impact on dispensary staff
  • To improve the ordering of process e-non stock
  • To Improve stock control
  • To reduce unnecessary involvement
  • To create a Standard Operating Procedure

Reasons we selected the project:

  • Unable to locate IT equipment quickly
  • No management for disposal of old IT equipment
  • No defined work area for setting up new PC’s or laptops

Problems we encountered:

  • Removal of the safe
  • Removal of old unwanted IT equipment
  • Regulations for disposal of unwanted IT equipment needed to be adhered to
  • Unable to calculate the monthly waste
  • Nowhere to store IT equipment whilst making the changes needed

How we overcame those problems:

  • Communicated with IT Staff and with other departments
  • Worked as a team
  • Marked out a specific area for the storage of unwanted IT equipment
  • Created a procedure for the removal of old IT equipment
  • Communicated with outside contractors
  • Risk assessed of the IT office

How we achieved our objectives:

  • Route cause analysis
  • Team work
  • Fish bone diagram
  • Practical problem solvers
  • 8 wastes analysis
  • Pay Back Matrix

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