Improving Operational Performance Level 2 Apprenticeship

Improving Operational Performance Level 2 Apprenticeship

LEAD’s apprenticeship programmes have gone through several refinements and have been continually improved over the years. We are very proud to say that we have been using the government funded apprenticeship framework for our core programme for many years.

We have successfully trained and qualified over 8000 employees in all business sectors, including manufacturing, engineering, aerospace, automotive, finance, food and drink, and health and social care.

In every sector, the LEAD programme has helped to develop a lean thinking employee culture. We have helped, supported and developed individual employees and have created quantifiable business efficiencies. LEAD programmes, delivered by our experienced and qualified team, have saved UK businesses millions of pounds over the years. More importantly, as its legacy, has left each business with a clear continuous improvement direction and structure for supporting change.

The programme is delivered over 12 months and contains on-job and off-job delivery. It contains accredited qualifications, in both business efficiency, English and maths. It allows progression from Level 2 to Level 3 and maintains outstanding innovative modern delivery concepts. The training is delivered to small groups of employees, not to whole organisations at the same time.

Each programme is carefully planned and designed to slowly, efficiently and practically support a business to its development of a world class business culture.

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