Lean Education And Development Limited (LEAD) was founded in 2008. The business mission was to deliver continuous improvement tools and techniques in a way unlike anyone else in the industry.

The company vision was quite simply to help UK based businesses become more efficient and therefore more competitive in their local or global market place. LEAD’s programmes and delivery models are designed to teach and apply the continuous improvement tools in a fun, interactive and very innovative manner.

We bring real quantifiable value to each group of delegates by implementing the continuous improvement tools into real business opportunities, therefore allowing any company that engages with LEAD to see a return on their investment during the course. Each programme contains the ability to sustain what it has achieved. There is no doubt sustaining lean development is difficult.

What we can do for you

Our coaching team have all the skills and advice to help our clients keep the lean cultural development moving forward.

One of our unique features is to ensure that any programme we design for you is delivered by an experienced coaching team. To be a LEAD coach you must have lived and breathed lean methodology and continuous improvement techniques throughout your working career, only then do we consider employment. In every environment that we work with, and in every sector, we are able to offer you coaches who have real experience to draw on.

All of our commercial programmes, and funded training delivery models, are designed and built internally from inside our company by our lean experts. Who better to design training materials, content, assessment methodologies, and the application of real quantifiable benefits, than LEAD’s employees who have been working with lean methodology in industry for many years? The tailored, bespoke nature of every single client project, demonstrates just how flexible and therefore successful each of LEAD’s products have become.

In 2016, two of LEAD’s original directors, Maxine Jones (Managing Director), and Phil Walters (Operations Director) had the opportunity to purchase LEAD through a management buyout. (Lean Education and Development used to be the founder member of a local West Midlands training group but now stands alone).

After listening to our clients’ feedback and advice, the new management team decided to keep the company name Lean Education and Development as it is very recognisable and synonymous with high quality and outstanding training delivery. They decided to refresh and modernise all the corporate branding, including using a brand new logo designed by one of our apprentices. This has led to the company and new branding that is Lean Education and Development Limited that you see today.

Less than two years after buying the business, Maxine and Phil with Gary Cooper (Head of Quality) taking the lead role, received the one accolade they wanted most.

In April 2018 Lean Education And Development had their first 2 day notice Ofsted Monitoring visit which although tough, demanding and testing of every single aspect of LEAD’s Apprenticeship provision, delivering the ultimate outcome of “Making Significant Progress“.

Although we are very proud of this report, in our opinion, this simply means after two years we are travelling in the right direction and are now pushing on to implement further improvements across the business to achieve our ultimate goal of World Class Apprenticeship Provision.

Just some of the clients we work with

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