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LEAD/LEMA regards all feedback as important in supporting us to continually improve the quality of our learning, provision, and the services we provide. This complaints policy and procedures aims to ensure that all stakeholders, employees, learners, parents, and employers have a voice and understand how to direct their concerns to the appropriate people within our company and if required addressing their compliant to an external agency if required.

We are fully committed to providing the best possible service possible and the highest quality learning we can, however we do recognise that sometimes our customer and service users may feel that they have cause to complain about the service and learning they have received.

We encourage all feedback from customers and service users (employers & learners), this procedural policy is a mechanism for to raise any concerns or complaints about LEAD/LEMA’s services. This complaints policy clearly defines our company approach to handling all complaints, this procedure provides clear information, advice and guidance on how individual complaints will be handled.

We view a formal complaints procedure as a “last resort” in the examination to find an effective solution to the problem, complaint. Before these formal complaints procedures are used each individual customer, learners, service user will normally raise the issue with their normal contact within LEAD/LEMA. Where in the complainant’s opinion the matter or issue is too sensitive, personal, or confidential to discuss with their normal point of contact these issues and concerns in the first instance can be raised with the Director of Strategy & HR (Gary Cooper) this applies to all of our service user, customers, employers and learners.

Aims & Principles

LEAD/LEMA aims to effectively resolve all complaints quickly, fairy and will always:

  • Aim to put things right quickly for our customers, service users and learners.
  • Keep our customers, service users, learners fully informed of the progress of their compliant and the results of any associated investigations.
  • Seek to always learn and continually improve from any complaints that have been made.
  • Set performance targets for responding to complaints and monitor our company performance against these targets.
  • Provide our customers, service users, learners with appropriate information, advice and guidance with regards to their right to appeal if they remain dissatisfied after their complaint has been progressed through all of the internal complaint’s procedure stages.

When dealing with complaints LEAD/LEMA understands and acknowledges that there are two sides to every dispute or disagreement, this policy and procedure is designed and intended to provide LEAD/LEAMS and any other party with the opportunity to provide evidence to substantiate their version of the complaint, issue or incident that’s been disclosed





We will ensure that all LEAD/LEMA employees are aware and familiar with this complaints policy and procedure and ensure that any complainant is appraised on how to make a complaint.

All stakeholders, service users, employers, learners will be advised of the relevant company telephone numbers and email address and company website address.

If a stakeholder, service user, employer or learner wishes to take a complaint further to an external agency it is important that firstly the LEAD/LEMA complaints procedures are fully exhausted before any external agencies are contacted and become involved.

LEAD/LEMA have a separate appeals procedure that meets with the awarding organisations guidelines when leaners, employers, tutors, and assessors wish to appeal against an assessment decision, a quality assurance judgment, or a certification decision. All LEAD/LEMA employees will use and follow the internal company grievance procedures for valid complaints.

What is a compliant?

A complaint is when a customer or service user tells LEAD/LEMA that they are not happy or satisfied with something we have done or not done, and we have failed to respond and rectify the issues or problem.

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction, whether justified or not.

How is a compliant made?

Any stakeholder, service user, customer, learner wishing to make a compliant can do so, by telephone, email, or letter, refer to the “complaints handling procedures”.

Who is a customer?

A customer is defined as anyone who contacts LEAD/LEMA to request a service or is in receipt of a service this could be an employer, contractor, learner, parent, guardian or carer.


LEAD/LEMA is fully committed to the continuous improvement of its service, provision, and apprenticeship delivery our company service standards for dealing with complaints are.

  • We will make the process straightforward and uncomplicated for anyone wishing to, make a complaint.
  • We will endeavour to respond to all complaints in a timely manner and agreed timescales, ensuring the complainant is fully informed of the progress made.
  • We will ensure that the complainant receives a full explanation of the complaint recorded in the preferred format requested by the complainant.
  • We will keep the complainant fully updated with any changes, improvements we have made to our services following the complaint they have made.
  • We will review and update our company complaints policy and procedures at regular intervals.

This complaints policy and procedure is available in hard copy or available on the company website please contact the LEAD/LEMA administration team to access this document in a different format.

All LEAD/LEMA employees are provided with relevant training to ensure an awareness and familiarisation of the complaints policy and procedure and their responsibilities.

Equality & Diversity

All customers, service users, employers, learners have the right to express their dissatisfaction with the services that they receive from LEAD/LEMA, any complainants issuing our company complaints policy and procedures will be treated fairly and respectfully and without discrimination.

Complaints Procedure

  • If you are unhappy with the service provided by LEAD/LEMA, whether it is a learning experience. Assessment method or outcome, the support and guidance you are receiving or about a LEAD/LEMA employee, we guarantee that your compliant will be taken seriously and always treated in a confidential manner. We will always aim to resolve your complaint as promptly as possible.
  • If you have a complaint about any decision that we have made that affects you, for example if you feel that you have received the incorrect assessment grade or decision or disagree with an examination result you should use the Assessment Centres relevant awarding organisations appeals procedures, which we can advise you on.
  • We are always happy and encouraged to receive compliments and complaints because they provide us with the opportunity to improve the services and delivery we provide, for both customers and learners. We are also happy and interested to receive suggestions on how we can improve or services and delivery, we will only use the information provided to improve services, we will never pass on any personal information which is protected by the Data Protection Act (GDPR).
  • We are always happy to receive testimonials, we believe testimonials are the best compliments we can achieve, we receive testimonials in various forms, in letter, emails or case studies. All testimonials are communicated to all employees via the company newsletter, bulletins and on company social networking platforms.

Any testimonials, complimentary comments, feedback should be sent to

If you want to complain, here’s the LEAD/LEMA procedure to follow.

Any anonymous complaints will not be accepted.

  1. It helps if you make a compliant straight away ensuring the relevant people are involved as soon as possible, this will help and support a quick actions and solutions enabling LEAD/LEMA to “put things right”.
  2. You should make your compliant within 3 months of the issues, problem occurring, at any stage in the process you can register a formal or informal complaint by telephone, email, website or letter, always proceed as much information as you can, including times, dates, places and names and contact LEAD/LEMA on Tel: 01384 256113 or email or write to us at LEMA Black Country Academy, Hillcrest Business Park, Cinder Bank, Dudley, DY2 9AP.
  3. You will receive a first response form us within 5 working days of the receipt of your complaint, and a second response if required with 4 weeks.
  4. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint you can appeal against the outcome.









Date:                18/08/2021

Review Date:  18/08/2022

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