NHS – Nutri Savers

Original Project Ideas:

  • Sip Feed centralisation
  • L12 chosen as the pilot ward
  • Central store created

Our Objectives:

L12 ordering –

If stock is running low a store request form is completed by the ward requesting an additional top up. This would be sent to stores before 14.00pm Monday to Friday. If stock is required out of these timescales a request would be made directly to the dispensary.

The reasons we selected this project:

The project was selected due to a duplication of work for SIP feeds for both inpatient pharmacy and stores. A central stores to be created and trialled on ward L12 . Nutrisaver

How we achieved our objectives:

  • Data Collection
  • Liaised with senior pharmacy team to source area for pilot
  • Liaised with staff on L12. Dietician engagement – learning session with project group Created SOP’s.
  • Reviewed ward stock lists in line with the ward requirements

Skills learnt:

  • Practical Problem solver
  • Set-up Reduction
  • Data analysis
  • Visual management
  • Waste elimination and Cause effect diagrams.


Short term improvements:

• Central storeroom for L12

• Visual aids

• Collaboration

• Stock review

• December data = 0% rework during the pilot

• Collaboration with Estates

• Future CSU collaboration to agree roll out across additional wards

• PDCA cycle

• Continue Sip feed room for L12

• Review of all dietary products currently dispensed by pharmacy with aim to reduce


Quality – Over a 9 week period there was a 44% rework of additional top-ups. p ups

Cost – If you applied this method across the 52 wards at the LGI over a 52 week period this additional work would cost:

Point 6 band 3 £5,428.80 – Point 12 band 3 £6,352.32 per annum.

Delivery- Re-ordering and re-delivering stock to wards



Improvement data:

Additional average savings for the wards was £3664.00

Potential savings £10,014.75

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