6 Sigma including Green Belt and Black Belt

As described by Jack Welch, (former CEO of General Electric) 6 Sigma is a quality programme that improves your customers experience, lowers your costs and builds better leaders.

6 Sigma is a data driven approach and methodology for eliminating defects in any process, from manufacturing companies through to transactional companies. It seeks to improve the quality of output by identifying and removing the causes of defects, and minimising variability in the business process.

LEAD’s Green Belt and Black Belt programmes set individuals on a journey of quality management that is determined to create an environment free of defects.

Our new innovative programmes include exercises and simulations that are fun, practical and have a ‘learning-through-doing’ emphasis with participants receiving comprehensive easy-to-follow training manuals, analysis tools and templates.

Programme participants can be from both the manufacturing and service sectors. Through the extensive use of appropriate examples, case studies and exercises, your staff will be taken through lean 6 Sigma training.

Both programmes are focused around DMAIC methodology, and programmes require significant cost saving improvement projects to be worked on.

The Green Belt and Black Belt programmes, delivered by our team of 6 Sigma Black Belts coaches, are designed to work together and complement each other. (They are designed as natural progression from LEAD’s apprenticeship programmes).

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