Lean Awareness Days

The ‘Lean awareness day’ introduces the concepts of Continuous Improvement with an overview of different tools and techniques. It is designed with the intention to engage with potential learners, giving them a real insight into the benefits of a Continuous Improvement culture.

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Lean Awareness Days

This one day course is by far our most popular commercial programme. The day enables participants to quickly and efficiently understand the benefits of implementing continuous improvement tools and techniques to their organisation.

It is a fun, interactive day of learning which simulates business and effectively shows how the tools and techniques can make significant differences to processes and procedures that have, for a long period of time, been accepted as the norm.

The Lean Awareness Day is designed for any level of employee in any organisation in any sector. However, team leaders, supervisors, senior management teams and boards of director have benefited most. The programme is designed to show how a developed culture of change and improvement will make a significant difference to your business.

Value Stream Mapping (VSM)

Value Stream Mapping is a lean management method for analysing the current state and designing a future state for a series of events that take a product or service from its beginning through to the customer.

In consultation with you we will map current state and then map future state of a product or a business. We then formulate the action items and tasks that will take us from today to future state.

This is an intense 3-day programme designed for senior teams with organisations.


5S is a systematic and methodical approach to organising a workplace. It creates a simple set of standards to follow. Our 5S programme is a fun and interactive programme designed for any individual in an organisation.) The programme can be delivered in half or full day sessions and can be delivered for groups of up to ten employees at a time.

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

  • TPM is a system of improving the integrity of production in quality systems through the machines, equipment, processes and employees that add business value to an organisation.
  • Our TPM programme is designed for maintenance departments, large and small, in any organisation and teaches a set of principles, born in Toyota, that help keep business equipment in good permanent working order.
  • This is a 2-day programme including theoretical knowledge, practical demonstration and implementation of a TPM process.

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