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Thank you for choosing Lean Education and Development (LEAD) Ltd as your training provider. We look forward to working closely with you and your employees throughout, and beyond, your Continuous Improvement Apprenticeship.

You are receiving this information as you have agreed the timing is right for your organisation to begin, or develop further, your Continuous Improvement journey. You will find everything you need to know about the enrolment process set out below; what is required, and why, timescales (and deadlines) and who to contact should you need further information.

Please take the time to read through the information in preparation for enrolment.

No. Activity Purpose Timeline
1 Confirm a suitable date for your employees to attend the enrolment session. The enrolment session lasts approximately 2 hours and will consist of a presentation and training activities in H&S, English and maths. The Enrolment Officer may need WiFi if this can be available. Ideally 4 weeks notice.
2 Identify the names of the employees you would like to put forward for your chosen apprenticeship. Send them to your Business Development Manager or Tom Burchell (Head of Commercial). For LEAD to set up the administration requirements in preparation for assessments, enrolment sessions and programme planning.

It is always a good idea to choose more employees than you would like on the programme as there can be some fall out due to eligibility once initial assessments are completed. We are happy to screen as many employees as you wish, in order for you to put through your chosen number.
Ideally 4 weeks before enrolment date.
3 Complete and forward all required information and documentation. (Enrolment will not take place until this has been done) We will send a LEAD Ltd service agreement along with a blank Health and Safety form for you to complete and return. We will also require a copy of an up to date employer liability certificate and the nominee details for your DAS account (apprenticeship digital account service). 2 - 3 weeks before enrolment.
4 Complete the online Employer Training Needs Analysis survey. To identify training needs at organisational level for us to help you to perform effectively. It will define the gap between current and desired performance for individuals, departments and organisations. 2 weeks before enrolment date. This will take approximately 10 minutes.
5 Employees to complete initial screening assessment. Initial Screening survey (on-line):
This form will be used to check that the employee, planned for enrolment, is eligible to receive funding for the apprenticeship programme. Delegates will have a 5 day block to login and complete.
2 weeks before enrolment date. This will take approximately 20 minutes.
6 Employees to complete knowledge and skills initial assessment. Knowledge and Skills Initial Assessment:
This information will be used to assess starting points for each individual employee – looking at what they already know, what they can already do and what they need to know more of in order to develop new knowledge and skills as part of the apprenticeship. Delegates will have a 5 day block to login and complete.
2 weeks before enrolment date. This will take approximately 10 minutes.
7 Employees to complete English and maths initial assessment. Functional Skills assessments and diagnostic:
The initial assessment and diagnostic are used to identify the current skill levels of your employees in English and maths. They identify the starting point and support requirements to enable us to build an individual skills plan. This is not a test; however, all LEAD apprenticeships have the mandatory minimum level requirement of E3. You will receive individual usernames and passwords for your employees. Delegates will have a 5 day block to login and complete.
2 weeks before enrolment date. Each assessment will take approximately 30 - 40 minutes.
8 Hold a Planning meeting with our Operations team. This will help us to plan the programme to meet the requirements of your organisation and employees. Dates will be set for training sessions and regular meetings planned in to review progress at regular intervals. Leading up to or just after enrolment has taken place. The meeting will take approximately 1 hour.
9 Enrolment session. The Enrolment Officer will need to see documentation essential to ESFA funding rules. The Enrolment Officer will need to see and record the following, so it is vital that they are brought to the session. This will also avoid any concerns regarding emailing personal data in line with GDPR:
  • National Insurance number
  • Photographic ID (driving license or valid passport) for each employee
  • A passport or ID card is an essential requirement of the Government for all non-UK born applicants
  • Copies of any maths and/or English certificates that your employees may have, as these can be used as evidence to exempt them from further maths and English exams during the training
  • Employees must also have lived in the EU for 3 years (minimum) to be eligible for funding to train
The session lasts approximately 2 hours and will be the first day of your apprenticeship.
10 Additional Information The certificates that can be used as exemption evidence for Maths and English are: GCSE, CSE. GCE, A Level, O Level, Functional Skills, Key Skills.
11 Useful Contacts
Tom Burchell - Head of Commercial - tomburchell@leadltd.co.uk
Gary Cooper - Chief Commercial Officer - garycooper@leadltd.co.uk
Paul Baker - Funding and Finance Manager - paulbaker@leadltd.co.uk
Head Office - 01562 884872

We are keen to ensure your experience with LEAD is positive right from the very beginning and thank you for your commitment to join in partnership with us.

Please be aware that should you cancel or postpone a pre-agreed enrolment/induction day, with less than 10 working days’ notice, LEAD will charge a cancellation and/or amendment fee of £500 to cover associated administration and resourcing cost.

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