Functional Skills

What are functional skills?

Functional skills provide essential knowledge, skills and understanding that will enable learners operate confidently, effectively and independently in both life and work.


The skills covered are:
  • Functional Skills in English – Level 1 and 2
  • Functional Skills in Maths – Level 1 and 2


Why are functional skills important?

Functional skills provide the knowledge and understanding learners will use in order to progress and succeed in education, training and employment. Developing a broader range of aptitudes, attitudes and behaviours allowing them to make a greater contribution to your organisation and the wider community. LEAD will integrate the delivery of functional skills into an individuals learning journey and as part of their chosen apprenticeship.


What are the benefits to your company?

Equipping your employees with skills in English and Maths means that your organisation will operate with greater efficiency, productivity and competitiveness whilst simultaneously preparing your employees with skills to succeed in a modern day workforce.


“Functional skills are practical skills in English and mathematics that allow individuals to operate confidently, effectively and independently in life and work.”
– Department for Education and Skills


Why is it important to have a functional workforce?

All LEAD apprenticeship programmes embed English and maths skills development throughout. Your employees will be given a refresher on their existing skills, and the opportunity to learn new ones whilst carrying Lean-centered activities.

These will include: writing Standard Operating Procedures, working with 5S audit data, using Takt time calculations to improve efficiency, creating Action Plans, calculating production line costs and profits, managing discussions, negotiating successful problem resolution as a team and report writing

At the LEAD induction meeting your employees will undertake an initial assessment in English and maths which will ensure they are enrolling on a programme of study which is appropriate to them. The results of these assessments are passed to the LEAD coaches and any employees who may require extra support are identified at this stage and given additional resources and support at the beginning of the programme.

All employees will work towards accredited Functional Skills English and maths qualifications (equivalent to GCSE levels) during their programme with support from their LEAD coach. On training days there will be opportunities to practise these skills using the Lean focused activities. In addition to this each employee is issued with a full set of Functional Skills training materials for self-study at the start of the course. LEAD coaches will ensure that employees carry out at least one practice examination for each subject before your employees sit the live exam.

In addition to the training from the LEAD coach at your company, we can also offer more specialist individual and small group training sessions to employees who require additional support and more help before they take their exams. These employees will work with the LEAD Functional Skills manager specifically on areas requiring development and increasing the confidence of those individuals.

The LEAD Functional Skills manager is also qualified to identify and assess any employees who have declared that they have learning difficulties (i.e., dyslexia, dyscalculia) or any physical difficulties and will ensure appropriate exam access arrangements are place with the awarding body before examinations are taken.

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