Divan Line 3 Constraint

Reasons we selected the project

Station 1 out of 3 stations controls the output of the line due to imbalance of individual operations.

Our objectives

To balance the line and cut down on waste produced by the line.

How we achieved our objectives

By focusing on and analysing double handling and manual handling, the team was able to reduce the constraint cycle time from 190 secs to 168 secs plus manual ergonomic improvements.

Skills we learnt

  • Cause & Effect analysis
  • 8 Wastes
  • Standard Work Combination Sheets
  • S.O.P’s
  • Ergonomics

Investment for the new kitting trolleys per line (8 trolleys): £3000

  • Saving per year: £23000
  • Payback period: 2 months
  • Double handling eliminated
  • Manual Handling reduced
  • Kit of parts remain with frame until used
  • Output increased by 17%
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