Lean Machine - Build Bay Reorganisation

Reasons we selected the project

  • Time wasted due to the disorganised layout
  • Poor visual management
  • Poor layout with trip hazards
  • Components left on the floor leaving them vulnerable to damage and contamination

Our objectives

  • Improve the 5S score for the area
  • Improve the health and safety for the area
  • Improve visual management in the area

How we achieved our objectives

  • Reorganised the working area
  • Took away any unwanted items
  • Bought cabinets to improve tool storage and organisation
  • Put up a board to improve visual management

Skills we learnt

  • How to 5S audit
  • How to work as a team more efficiently
  • How to organise a work area properly
  • Improve on team leading skills

Pre-Improvement Data

Time wasted  overall collecting parts and tools  = 51 hours

Post-Improvement Data

Time saved = 41hr 41mins



An 85% saving of non value added time giving an annual cost saving of £1046

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