Testimonial – DHL Supply Chain

We had some fantastic feedback from the team at DHL:

“I am very much enjoying the Lean Apprenticeship. The group is very varied in experience, some are quite new to Lean tools and others with a lot of experience. Personally, I have previously completed CI Academy and the Process Improvement Champion training. This apprenticeship has helped me to link together some of the information I already know as well as refreshing the knowledge I have already gained. I am finding the maths and English very interesting and an area that I had wanted to improve in for a long time. The group is also varied in abilities and some of the group are learning quicker than others. The tutor is very supportive and is taking care that everyone is getting the helpand support they need as individuals. I would recommend the apprenticeship to anyone interested in bringing a culture of improvement to their workplace regardless of previous Lean experience or training. I believe that every site would benefit from having someone attend this apprenticeship, the potential for improvement that can be generated using the tools that this course can provide can not be overstated.”
Lee Bambury – Daventry Cohort

“As an OMS Champion and CI Lead, who’s site is currently under-going CI Blueprint 4, I have found the LEAN apprenticeship to link in really well with all CI we are pushing forward with on-site.

As part of BP4 we cover all aspects of CI, with most of the focus on LEAN and business improvement, be it through mind-set and behaviours or the functional tools we use in CI.

The apprenticeship and BP4 are essentially giving the same message, with the same tools (6S, 5 Whys, Efforts vs Benefits matrix etc.) soreally easy to relate back to ‘real world’ situations and reinforces DHLs view on CI. For me, a huge advantage of the apprenticeship is the Nationally recognised qualification I will gain. DHL will give me the opportunity to exercise my new skills, and LEAD with give me the ‘stamp of approval’ with an NVQ. A near perfect partnership in my opinion.”
Luke Edgington – Daventry Cohort

“Overall a very good course with great structure and passionate trainers”
Darren Watkins – West Thurrock Cohort

“Our group is of mixed knowledge of the subject and this has helped as this has made people aware of why we need to do things, how we can do things and that it is possible to do things. The atmosphere is very light hearted and this has helped the team bond not just together but with Francis (trainer).”
Glen Miles – West Thurrock Cohort

“Our site is currently one of the pilot sites for CI Blueprint 4 (OMS Sustain), as a result, our FLM’s are going through a lot of CI training which should allow them to take the ownership of CI which would become more of a habit rather than task to do. LeanApprenticeship is very close to Blueprint 4 (OMS Sustain) and skills and tools that come with it are must haves at OMS Sustain stage. All this in fact should allow site to get to the maturity level where FLM’s are confident to act on any CI opportunities, using the tools provided. I think this training would benefit both, Control Room and shop floor FLMs. OMS FLMs need to almost be the experts on CI, know how and when to use different tools, be able to mentor and advise other FLM’s, and know what to expect from other FLM’s. Operational FLM’s at OMS Sustain stage need to take the ownership of the continuous improvement in their departments, and to do so they need this training to gain the skills, tools and confidence to do it. Before it worked in the way that when we got suggestion/idea, we would get the project team to work on it, now we want almost everyone to have those skills.”
Rad Baranowicz – Castleford Cohort

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