What is continuous improvement?

Firstly, it’s not just an industry ‘buzzword’, Continuous Improvement really has the ability to transform your business across all areas. It is about improving your business, its processes and ways of working. A Continuous Improvement strategy is more than just a few lines on a poster or an email, it becomes the way that your company operates at all times.

There are often reasons why businesses resist change – it’s a comfort zone that many businesses find themselves in. However, businesses can no longer ‘rest on their laurels’ and maintain the status quo with their products and services simply because people trusted their brands and products and knew what they were getting.


All businesses now face the following challenges:

  • More Competition from competitors across the globe – as trade borders and technology improves it suddenly means you not only have to be aware of your historic rivals but of new global businesses entering the market.
  • Information at the consumer’s fingertips – nearly 90% of consumers use the internet to locate businesses that meet their needs.
  • Technological advances are reshaping the world we live in – how often do you walk into a bank and speak to a bank clerk nowadays?


Continuous improvement is about encouraging a philosophy of logical and sustained improvement throughout all aspects of your business – with the single goal to deliver WORLD-CLASS service and products. Continuous Improvement techniques can be as simple as a slight change to a minor daily task, through to a major shift in the focus and procedures across your business across the globe.


Continuous Improvement – It’s not new!

The Continuous Improvement model isn’t a new one. It originally came to the forefront in the early 1980’s, but in truth it has been around for the millennium – otherwise we would still be hunting with spears and living in caves!

Continuous Improvement is not simply finding a new method to do something and sticking with it. It is about finding the new method and then continually evolving until you reach your target, then find a way to improve it further. Finding new methods to deliver better returns or reduce wastage is not only exciting, but can create new opportunities for your business. This continuous improvement approach can help you keep ahead of the competition.


Your Company and Continuous Improvement Training

Every business is looking to improve, and even if you don’t actively promote a continuous improvement philosophy you probably have one. Continuous Improvement training empowers your employees to design and implement changes which help them with their daily challenges and could help others areas of the business.

By creating a mindset of Continuous Improvement new challenges are approached in a consistent manner. You can use “lessons learned” and best practice techniques to meet these challenges head on. Continuous improvement becomes how you work on every part of your business. Continuous improvement brings accountability at all levels – it becomes everyone’s job!

Continuous process improvement needs to be treated as an integral foundation for your organisation. All improvements must be measured and tracked, otherwise you won’t know what is working and what isn’t.

At Lean Education And Development Limited we deliver continuous improvement tools and techniques training programmes to help companies become more efficient and thus more competitive in both a local and global marketplace by becoming the benchmark of quality.

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